Who We Are

Problem solvers to our core, we are relentlessly focused on empowering your mission by developing a better built environment—together. We marry big thinking with tangible action to turn your grand aspirations into impactful results.

Mission-Driven Development

Your core mission always comes first. We develop, design and deliver a bespoke solution for your unique energy, infrastructure and operating challenges. That means a program that is easier, faster and more scalable backed by guaranteed cost savings.

What we do

Innovating Change

Energy, infrastructure and operating needs are ever evolving. Viridis Initiative provides the capital, tools and expertise needed to tackle your unique operating challenges. We assume the risk; you reap the benefits.

Innovating Change
Born from IaaS Excellence

Our roots originated from two leaders working to improve energy and infrastructure asset development – Generate Capital and McKinstry. The partnership’s success led to Viridis Initiative as a joint venture to scale the benefits of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) nationwide.

Our Origin Story
Values in Action

More than just words on a wall, our vision, mission and values speak to who we are, the ideals we hold in high esteem and the behaviors that demonstrate our unique culture.

Vision, Mission, Values
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