A Better Approach to Infrastructure Development

Accelerate your core mission by leveraging critical infrastructure as an enabler. Viridis delivers the strategy, capital and expertise needed to build your vision and leave a lasting legacy.

Unlock Hidden Potential

Unlock your organization’s true potential. Viridis Initiative transforms energy, infrastructure and operating liabilities into assets that serve your core mission. Mission-driven development with guaranteed outcomes minus the financial risk.

What we do
Focus on What Matters

Funding, operating and maintaining your energy systems and infrastructure distracts from your core mission. What if it didn’t have to? Our comprehensive offerings and capabilities allow you to focus on what matters most.

Offerings & Capabilities


Future Proof Operations

Secure the capital, tools and expertise needed to meet mission requirements. Stop reacting to fire drills and start looking ahead for long-term success.

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Less Risk. Fewer Costs. Better Results

We take on the risk. You focus on the critical energy systems and infrastructure that are easier to implement, more scalable and faster to execute.

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Accelerate Climate and Carbon Commitments

Creating a clear, achievable path to keep your carbon and climate promises can be daunting. Stand confident in your commitments with Viridis Initiative

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Boost Occupant Performance

Deliver the high-performing and healthy built environment your occupants deserve. Eliminate deferred maintenance while improving indoor air quality, lighting and other critical systems.

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Extend Workforce Capacity

Maintaining your energy assets and facilities requires a variety of skill sets likely beyond your hiring scope. Gain a partner that deepens your bench instead of replacing it.

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Spark Innovation

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Forging Strong Bonds: Building Trust with Infrastructure Partners

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Empowering Communities: The Key to Successful Infrastructure Projects

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Fires and Flooding: The Impact of Environmental Disasters on Resiliency …