What We Do

We make your critical energy systems and infrastructure our business so you can stay focused on yours.

The Viridis Effect

Viridis Initiative delivers evergreen solutions that evolve to ensure energy systems, infrastructure and facility operations support your goals instead of putting them at risk.

Reduced operating costs: Preserve budget for your core mission.

Updated infrastructure: Eliminate deferred maintenance and delayed infrastructure investments.

Energy certainty: Consolidate and stabilize long-term energy costs in an ever-fluctuating market.

Mitigate financial risk: Maintain debt capacity while generating cash flow through share-of-savings payments.

Occupant performance: Deliver the high-performing and healthy spaces your occupants deserve.

Extended workforce capacity: Gain a partner that strengthens your team instead of replacing it.

Decarbonization and electrification: Stand confident in meeting carbon and climate commitments.

Build Your Vision

It’s time to expect more. We go further than traditional energy service providers to deliver real change through mission-driven development. Less risk, fewer costs, better results.

Offerings & Capabilities

Cover the Complete Lifecycle

The capital, tools and expertise needed to tackle your unique operating challenges have been out of reach for far too long. Our turnkey approach spans the entire development process to stop the capital drain game once and for all to ensure success.

Comprehensive Approach

Why Viridis

Our skilled professionals and integrated services have you covered across the entire energy and infrastructure operations lifecycle. We accelerate your mission with guaranteed outcomes minus the risk.

How We’re Different

Take the Leap. Confidently

Transformative change requires the courage to act. We understand where you are, what’s at stake and how to guide you to the outcomes and success you deserve.

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