Workforce Capacity

Extend Your Workforce Capacity

Maintaining your energy assets and facilities requires more hands than you can hire. We’re not looking to replace your bench—we’re here to deepen it.

Enhancing; Not Replacing

At Viridis, we understand the value of institutional knowledge within your existing team. That’s why we aim to enhance their contributions, not replace them. We work together to systematically address your specific energy, infrastructure and operating needs.

The Skills Needed, When Needed

Today’s energy systems are complex. Hiring all of the critical talent needed to keep that infrastructure humming is more than one organization can handle. Tap into our deep bench to get the skills you need when you need them most.

The Power to Perform

Viridis Initiative arose from a longstanding partnership between Generate Capital and McKinstry, two national leaders in energy infrastructure funding, design and delivery. This backing allows us to develop the energy and infrastructure solutions you need without traditional delays, overhead and risk.

Spark Innovation

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