People Profile - Collette Duck

August 09, 2023

Collette Duck, Director of Business Operations

Collette is the backbone of systems and processes for our business, ensuring we can deliver on our promise of transforming infrastructure liabilities into assets. A construction professional to the core, she has spent over 20 years leading strategy, marketing, project operations, procurement, logistics, manufacturing and finances for some of the most highly respected MEP and Energy Services firms in the US. With a passion for sustainable infrastructure; an extensive background in both traditional construction and energy services; and a personal commitment to serving our communities, Collette helps our teams navigate the complex nature of the work we do to deliver with excellence.

Collette answered five questions about trends and opportunities impacting Viridis and our clients below:

What trends do you see in a market that affects Viridis clients and how do you adjust for them?

The built environment is facing change at an overwhelming rate. It’s hard to boil it down when we work in so many different markets, from healthcare, higher education and all manner of public entities to commercial, industrial and even sporting venues. Some of the most common trends are escalating costs, a declining skilled workforce, significant deferred maintenance even for critical infrastructure, need for better technology and increased internal and external demand to decarbonize.

Viridis Initiative’s offerings are a direct response to these pressures. The challenges look different in every organization, but generally you’ll find that more than one or two of these are significant factors keeping our clients up at night.

We’re more than just an energy developer, we’re a strategic partner helping each organization with a host of concerns to co-create a solution set that allows them to focus the majority of their energy and resources on their core mission. Our experts take on the burden of infrastructure, maintenance, operations and other core energy concerns and free up our clients to really concentrate on their business.

What are the top outcomes you’re hoping to drive for clients?

Affordability of achieving their sustainability and resiliency goals. Setting up their organizations for long-term success, not just an incremental stop-gap solution. We want to build the right programs and infrastructure to make sure our clients’ systems serve them well, long into the future.

What is Viridis to you and why should clients care?

Viridis is a collection of really smart, experienced and motivated people that are excited to push the envelope on what is possible in energy infrastructure across the built environment in the US. We’re geeks that are focused on new strategies for decarbonizing our building stock, different modes of operation for ensuring our buildings are performing well for occupants, leveraging technology to eliminate waste and reduce required maintenance and fixes.

Clients should care because a different way of thinking is needed to address the challenges they face and we can help them achieve their goals. We’re here to make what seems unattainable, attainable and we’re going to have fun doing it!

What is the best advice you can give clients who are looking into Viridis’ services?

We’re a little different than your average energy developer. We’re not just selling a financial solution. At the heart of our operation is a core belief that we must have the technical skills and experience to understand the long-term needs of our clients and be able to provide the full spectrum of consulting, program development, engineering, construction, O&M services and financing to deliver significant value as a strategic partner. That is unique.

If you are evaluating Infrastructure as a Service for your organization, it’s worth considering whether you are getting a technical partner that can add value across the spectrum of pressures you face or whether you are getting a financial partner with limited ability and incentive to solve your toughest challenges.

Legacy is about building vision—what is your legacy you’d like to leave with your clients?

We’re creating long-lasting partnerships that will outlive our careers.A company, school board or city council can partner with us and ensure that the assets they’re responsible for are serving their constituents long after they’re out of their seats.

I’ve been a devoted community volunteer most of my life and believe that service to your community is a key part of leading a satisfying life and being a good neighbor. What we’re doing with Viridis Initiative feels like an extension of that commitment.I think we all feel it too. The fact that we can work with a client to reduce their carbon footprint, optimize their operations and often find ways to free up their capital budgets to focus on their core mission with decades of benefit to their stakeholders is exciting.Every single project is a legacy and doing good in the community it serves.It’s inspiring.