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  • Viridis and Green Sports Alliance Partner on Design-Build Playbook for Venues

Viridis and Green Sports Alliance Partner on Design-Build Playbook for Venues

July 20, 2023

The Green Sports Alliance (GSA) released its latest Play to Zero Playbook, Building for the Next Generation, focused on design-build best practices for zero-carbon sports and entertainment venues. Viridis is proud to have co-authored the playbook alongside GSA and several industry collaborators.

Building for the Next Generation is a consolidation of insights and best practices from leading practitioners, organizations and firms in the built environment. The new playbook provides sports and entertainment venues methods to use their influence and resources to help tackle climate change in their communities. With the Building for the Next Generation playbook, venues can rely on the “5 Fundamentals” to aid in creating genuine programs to reach decarbonization and resiliency goals.

“Building for the Next Generation importantly tackles the leadership mindset and project governance frameworks required to help owners and investors practicably bring their net zero venue aspirations to life,” said Jason Twill, GSA Board Member and Viridis Initiative Principal, “this hasn’t existed before, and we’re excited to engage with clients whose communities will benefit from this next wave of net zero infrastructure investment within the industry to deliver new state-of-the-art sports and entertainment districts or modernize existing venues.”

With over 900 stadiums in the United States alone, sports and entertainment venues have become major cultural and community hubs, bringing together fans of all types. The playbook is more than how to push the boundaries of sustainable design and operations. It is a call to action to leave a lasting legacy by investing in superior design and technologies that reduce operating expenses, create partnership opportunities, enhance your brand and play a part in a healthy and prosperous future.

About Green Sports Alliance

The Green Sports Alliance leverages the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where people live and play. The Green Sports Alliance convenes professional sports leagues, sports governing bodies, colleges, teams, venues, their partners, and millions of fans around meaningful change toward a more sustainable future. Through the Play to Zero program, it leads the embrace of renewable energy, waste diversion, water efficiency, and environmentally preferable practices. Through its marquee even greening division, The Green Sports Alliance delivers best-in-class sustainable productions to minimize environmental impacts and maximize community legacies, driving scalability and replications across the industry.