People Profile - Taylor Oswald

June 28, 2023

Taylor Oswald, Principal & National Practice Lead

Taylor Oswald has spent the last ten years serving commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in their operational decisions regarding sustainability, resiliency, energy cost reduction, and third-party finance. With subject matter expertise in project finance, mergers and acquisitions and developing and structuring large, complex energy infrastructure projects. Taylor has developed, delivered, and financed more than 500 megawatts in distributed energy and utility-scale projects for his clients. Serving and managing C&I across a broad spectrum of industries including commercial buildings, paper, oil & gas, plastics, metals and food and beverage, Taylor has showcased the ability to develop energy-as-a-service projects with velocity and at scale focused on the long-term and strategic needs of the clients he serves.

Taylor answered five questions on the latest market trends and opportunities.

What trends do you see in a market that affects Viridis clients and how do you adjust for them?

Macrotrends including deferred maintenance, increased cost of capital, scarcity of labor resources capable of operating and maintaining complex energy systems and uncertainty of how to optimize sustainability within the built environment continue to be market trends affecting C&I customers. Viridis’ expertise can be a catalyst to ensure these trends are addressed in an efficient, cost-effective manner in a collaborative effort with the client.

What are the top outcomes you’re hoping to drive for clients?

I have a passion to help solve complex, bespoke solutions for customers and want to use my ability to build something from the ground up to support their goals. I want to help clients by assisting them in achieving energy cost reduction, making progress towards sustainability greenhouse gas (GHG) goals, addressing their resiliency needs, and addressing concerns related to obsolete energy systems.

What is Viridis to you and why should clients care?

Viridis is an opportunity to accelerate the energy transition based on technical capabilities by partnering long-term with us and motivated investors. We help customers throughout the process of their unique energy journey and help them shift to zero carbon.

Clients should care about Viridis because we are your customer-focused, one-stop shop for all your energy infrastructure needs. We genuinely do care about your energy needs, and we have an advisory approach rather than a sales approach to simple and complex problems. We want customers to be able to pick up the phone and call us to help find solutions unrelated to systems as well.

What is the best advice you can give clients who are looking into Viridis’ services?

If a client is looking for an advisor to roll up their sleeves, and meet them where they’re at on their journey, not wherethe market tells them they’re supposed to be, we are ready to assist in creating customized energy solutions that are achievable and scalable.

The culture of the Viridis team is focused on helping advise companies to solve complicated energy issues revolving around issues like sustainability and resiliency. We are solution advisors motivated to help clients meet their energy goals and not focused on meeting sales goals.

Legacy is about building vision—what is your legacy you’d like to leave with your clients?

Being known as creative, consultive and empathetic in helping clients’ needs in terms of achieving their goals. A lot of companies back out of more complex problems but that is the type of project that gets me excited to work through and problem-solve.