People Profile - Jason Twill

December 15, 2022

Jason Twill, LEED Fellow, Principal & National Practice Lead:

With a career spanning more than 24 years in climate change, education, sustainability and urban revitalization, Jason has been at the forefront of social, ecological and economic transformation.

A globally recognized pioneer in regenerative development and design, Jason’s work is advancing next-generation solutions to reverse global warming and restore planetary health. His career experience includes delivering award-winning urban regeneration projects throughout North America and Asia Pacific, serving as a world change advisor to Paul G. Allen, heading sustainability and innovation for Lendlease Australia and consulting multiple local and national governments on climate action and social equity strategies.

Jason answered five questions on the latest market trends and opportunities.

What trends do you see in a market that affects Viridis clients and how do you adjust for them?

Globally, there is a major shift toward zero-carbon buildings, precincts, and transportation infrastructure. Whether you’re a city or a major institutional asset holder, early movers will be able to leverage enhanced brand recognition, grow their customer base, mitigate risk, and gain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining next generation talent and capital. As we progress further into the 21st century, consumer and investor behavior is dramatically shifting, and we are seeing large scale disinvestment in institutions and entire geographies that have either not adequately taken action to prepare for climate change or are designated as high-risk areas that will experience major climate-related impacts. The big question leaders need to ask themselves now is ‘am I investor-ready city or institution?’

What are the top outcomes you’re hoping to drive for clients?

As a systems thinker and practitioner, I am trained to listen, study and learn from our clients and their key stakeholders about what their most pressing needs and objectives are, and more broadly, gain an appreciation for the local conditions, or ‘systems,’ they are working within. Once these issues and opportunities are identified, we then collaborate with our clients to co-develop infrastructure solutions that can strengthen and underpin their ability to delivery on their core mission. This may be focused on addressing intergenerational equity, adapting to climate change impacts, improving capital planning and financial resource management, or increasing health and wellbeing. When our clients can clearly see the linkages between infrastructure and their broader aims, we know that we have a successful relationship to build from and a brighter future to shape with them.

What is Viridis to you and why should clients care?

A purpose-driven, climate action developer. The time for two-dimensional talk is over and we have clearly entered an era that requires bold action and scaled solutions that can match the speed and magnitude of converging issues we are facing in this century. Viridis was created with this mindset by pairing mission-focused capital with unparalleled expertise in delivering net zero infrastructure solutions at scale.

Our clients should care because we can be a trusted partner to help them navigate and thrive in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world we find ourselves though next generation infrastructure and asset management solutions. We help our clients unlock their greater potential by allowing them to focus their human and financial capital resources and on what they do best, be it saving lives, educating our children, increasing shareholder value, or improving quality of life, while we provide them guaranteed performance of their built capital.

What is the best advice you can give clients who are looking into Viridis’ services?

Be open-minded to understanding how infrastructure transformation can play a critical role in delivering on your core mission, purpose and needs. We can invest and deliver net-zero infrastructure solutions at a scale never before seen and in a manner that will change the very nature of how our customers manage their capital and assets and deliver on their core vision and mission.

Legacy is about building vision—what is your legacy you’d like to leave with your clients?

I’d like to help them make “dents in the universe.”